Pashen collection is a women’s clothing and accessories brand created as an homage to art, craftsmanship, culture, sustainability and ethics in fashion.

After working in the fashion industry and exploring various angles through visual merchandising, couture bridal design, sportswear product development, buying, marketing, and writing, Magaly Fuentes’ path led her to sustainable fashion. Compelled by a lifelong appreciation for beautiful things that are hand-made and a newly enhanced understanding of love for our planet, Magaly embarked on a new adventure to create a little something that mirrors all of that – a collection of women’s clothing and accessories made by artisans in different corners of the world.

Hello & Welcome!

pashen is an amalgamation of the components which fuel my life. The word passion is defined as a powerful and compelling emotion. The word shen means spirit in Japanese and is the pronunciation of symbols I once saw in a painting, was completely drawn to, and sketched in a notebook which I’d carried around for years. A combination of the words passion and shen, pashen represents things that inspire powerful and compelling emotion within my spirit, hopefully conveyed through my work and daily life.

Entering the world of eco fashion has its own unique challenges so I have decided to start slowly, first focusing on artisan work and quality craftsmanship, with hopes to later integrate more organic materials and other ‘eco criteria’. Pieces will be introduced little by little to keep things fresh (and to keep you checking back) and we will do our best to keep you informed about where the pieces are made and by whom, because there are a lot of hands and hearts going into this project.

I hope you love the collection as much as the pashen team has enjoyed (and continues to enjoy) the development process!


With love,