Gabby Wild wears Pashen Collection #insideout for Fashion Revolution Day

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A few months back we were recruited as a Brand Sponsor for the Fashion Revolution Day USA campaign by longtime colleague and friend, Oceana Lott, who is US Director for the campaign.

Fashion Revolution Day is a movement to increase awareness of the true cost of fashion which will be held each year on April 24th, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza devastation.

We want to create a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. The mission of the campaign is to create a movement engaging consumers, environmental leaders, fashionistas, human rights activists and designers to think differently about who makes their clothes in order to make that happen.

In support of the campaign, Gabby Wild, Model and Wildlife Conservationist, wore Pashen Collection’s Open Diamond Stitch Crochet Dress #insideout for a photoshoot. This dress was made by hand by one artisan who works from her home so she can be there to properly care for her family. She earns a fair wage to help support her family and LOVES her job. The stunning images, which resulted from the photoshoot with Gabby, perfectly portray our aim as a company to find harmony between fashion and nature.

A special thank you to Oceana Lott for arranging this and for all her work as US Director for the Fashion Revolution Day campaign! We feel blessed to be collaborating for such a worthy cause.

Photographer: Nellie Hari
Model: Gabby Wild, Wildlife Conservationist

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