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Elizabeth Ave Station

Our setup at Elizabeth Ave Station, Warehouse District – West Palm Beach

It’s been way too long since I’ve given an update, but life happenings have made it a challenge to keep up with the Pashen Collection blog. There are a lot of new updates, so I wanted to carve out some time to offer a few of those up.

I have participated in a number of trunk shows at Social House in Lake Worth. They call them “Makers Meets,” as their goal is to bring together local makers and give us an opportunity (a platform – if you will) to share our talents, stories and goods with other participating vendors/artists, as well as those who simply attend the events to mingle and/or shop.  The team at Social House is AH-mazing and the events have been wonderful for Pashen… I have met a number of other local artists and we have talked about collaborating on future projects.  I have also been invited to sell the Pashen line in a number of local shops.  One of the shops where pieces of the Pashen line are now offered as a result of one of these meetings/invitations, is Elizabeth Ave Station.  Elizabeth Ave Station is located in the new Arts Warehouse District in West Palm Beach.  Prior to their opening, Dani from Elizabeth Ave was perusing the Pashen line at a Makers Meet, told me all about their plans to open and plans for expansion, and asked me to consider having the Pashen line offered in their soon-to-open shop.  Her excitement was palpable and contagious (and still is) and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of the project.

Three other shops where items from the Pashen line can be found are Bead & Reel, Good Cloth and Ethica.  The styles vary from shop to shop, and we still have our shop on our own site as well.

Next up – new styles are in the works, though these things take time.  Sketches are drawn, materials are being sourced and I will do my best to post more updates soon.

My primary goals with the Pashen line remain the same. – to offer beautiful, high-quality clothing and accessories, that have been ethically-produced with ethical materials and practices.  My vision is clearer than ever and I will continue to support the ethical fashion industry and other environmental initiatives in any and every capacity that I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read my update and please check back soon!

A sneak peek at something I am playing with…

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