Do what you love, love what you do

If you let your spirit out, where would it go?

From the time you are a small child, people ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I think most people struggle with this question at one point or another.  Sometimes people have a hard time finding that thing that makes them crazy in a good way; that thing that makes them feel alive and they can’t picture their lives without.

Fashion is that thing for me.  It’s about so much more than clothes for me.  Art, research, creating things, the business and marketing aspects of it…all of the different areas I have been lucky enough to have worked in throughout my career – they all mean something so special to me and I love every single bit of it.  Ethical and sustainable fashion has added yet another spoke to my “fashion-love” wheel.  With all of the challenges and new things to learn, the opportunities to make good things happen for people and the earth, and the excitement surrounding all of it, I know it is where I am meant to be.

Recently, I had to answer a questionnaire for a very large corporation I do some freelance work for.  One of the questions was “If you were speaking to a group of future business leaders and were asked what single piece of advice you would like to offer, what would it be?”

My response:  Push boundaries, use your imagination, do what you love, love what you do!

I can’t stress it enough – DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!!

Thank you, universe, for affording me the opportunity to do what I love every day…

Illustration for in-class project - Art Institute, 1997

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