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Isn’t it funny how you can sit with a million dizzying thoughts swirling through your mind, unsure of what decision to make or which route to take, and suddenly a sweet soul puts everything in perspective with just a few words…

I am a lucky girl with an amazing support system and since the idea for pashen collection first popped in my head, I have known without an ounce of doubt that I want sustainability to be part of my mission. The little ‘grey area’ clouds that pop into my mind from time to time have to do with the definition of sustainability and how this is so different for so many people. In an effort to look beyond this, I have asked myself, “what does sustainability mean to me and how do I want to present this through my work?”

Vegetable Dye Colors

There are organic fibres, plant-based dyes, recycled fabrics and other sustainable materials; there are commitments to ethical labor practices through fair trade certifications; there is work with artisan groups providing a means to self sustain to talented craftsman and their families; there is the use of local materials rich in tradition which is also beneficial to local economies; there is the focus on superior quality and timeless design in a garment or accessory, which in itself provides sustainability in that a piece lasts a lifetime rather than having to be replaced for wear and tear or because it’s simply outdated. All of these things contribute to sustainability in fashion.

Fair Trade Labels

Feeling a tad overwhelmed by all of these options, I asked a friend and colleague for her input. She reminded me of the importance in remaining focused on the integrity behind the designs and my overall mission – “My Story.” She reminded me that it is a process. So, little by little, I decide what sustainability means to me and how I want aspects of it represented in my designs and the development of those designs.

Thank you for your words, BOFA!

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