Crochet Class

I took a crochet class the other day, at a local boutique yarn shop called Great Balls of Yarn. I did this for two reasons:

1. I have always admired beautifully crocheted items and been interested in learning the techniques.

2. I am incorporating crochet in my designs and I want to be more than a designer who draws something and asks someone to make it. I don’t expect to master any technique but I want to know more about the work that goes into it and feel that this will only help things go a little more smoothly through the design process and in communicating with the artisans I am working with.

Wall of Blues and Greens

I arrived a little early and wandered around the shop. I have never seen a place of that size, full from wall top to wall bottom, with so many kinds and colors of yarn. A yarn lover’s paradise with shelves of binders containing pattern ideas, samples of finished projects displayed beautifully, and a wall dedicated to any tool you may need to complete your dream knitting or crochet project.

Varying textures

The class was so much fun – myself and four other ladies fighting with yarn overs and trying our hands at samples using a variety of stitches inclduding the most basic chain stitch, the treble crochet stitch and others. I sat there wondering how someone first came up with these methods forever ago, how so many gorgeous things have been made using these techniques, and how it continues to be passed on. There is something really special about creating things with your hands. I enjoyed the class so much that I have already signed up for the next level. More pictures to come after the next class; and let this be a reminder to try things you have always wanted to try!

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