Clearing our minds in the Florida Keys

Sometimes a getaway to a not so far away place does the trick!

My husband Shannon and I were given a gift certificate for a weekend stay at The Moorings Village on Islamorada Key as a wedding gift.  It took us 7 months to finally book it and here we are.  This place is heavenly… our very own sweet cottage surrounded by lush tropical foliage, blooming orchids clinging to trees, and other flower-filled plants, just steps from the beach.  Maybe it’s the time of year we decided to come, I’m not sure, but we are the only ones here so (other than the owners and property caretakers) we have an entire 18-acre private beach to ourselves.

Walkway to our cottage

The Sifka House

We couldn’t ask for prettier weather with perfect blue skies, an occasional wispy white cloud floating by, and the temperate high in the upper 70s, low in the upper 60s.  It’s really windy but that’s perfect for sitting in the warm Florida sun (with a ton of sunblock on).

We ran into our cottage, threw down our bags, grabbed our reading materials, sunglasses and towels and ran out to lounge in the sun.  Goodbye normal every day clutter of busy schedules, multiple projects, phone and email overload.   Hello fresh air, coconut palms swaying in the wind, giant hammocks, isolated white sand beach, and time to relax.

Ready for beach time

Loving life

Gorgeous private beach

The perfect day on Islamorada Key

Sit, breathe, and read...

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